Bump Up Drill


In the last issue I gave you the “One Handed Drill.” It is still one of my favorites.  The “Bump Up Drill” which I often use as a progression from the one-handed swings. Golfers will instinctively attempt to control the club. It makes sense that the player will do this and do it more when things are going poorly.

Reminder: When something makes sense to fix something in the swing, it most often will make things work.

As I describe in the video, this drill is designed to take your ability to control the club away from you. The more the club truly swings, the better your ball striking will become. A few points I would like to stress are:

1. Initially I want you only to hinge the wrists. The handle does NOT move into the backswing. Hang out there for a few seconds. I want you to “start” the swing from this position with a full wrist hinge and the club horizontal to the ground.

2. We do NOT lift the golf club with our arms. The shoulders make a small burst of energy (lead shoulder going down and across your body). This will bounce the arms into the air. You are doing this correctly when you feel the club go weightless as if the arms and club are floating to the top of the swing.

3. Once you have put the momentum into the club to rise to the top of the swing, it is time to start turning the lower body towards the finish. Allow the arms to fall and the turn to get the club to land in the proper spot. This is much different than using the arms to direct the club towards the ball.

Use the Bump Drill to get away from controlling the club and get back to allowing the club to swing. When you give away control to freedom you will add consistency to your ball striking.