2021 Holiday Gift Guide


1Orange Whip Golf & Fitness

The Original #1 rated Golf Training Aid now has products to enhance your whole golf game! The Orange Whip Trainer will help you hit it longer and straighter, while improving consistency. Our Stan Utley inspired Wedge and Putter will cut strokes from around the green. The NEW Golf Fitness Products and online programming will improve your golf strength, coordination, and flexibility with easy to follow swing workouts for players and coaches. Join the Orange Whip ‘Grove’ and become the golfer you’ve always wanted to be while developing your golf swing that ‘Feels’ like a tour player!

Use promo code GOLFINGMAG and save at OrangeWhipGolf.com

Visit www.OrangeWhipGolf.com


2The Tin Cup Marker

The Tin Cup Marker enables you to “Make Your Mark” with a personalized ball marker using the logo or design of your choice. There are over 250+ existing designs available or you may request your own personal custom design.

The Tin Cup is an ideal gift for tournaments, corporate outings, birthdays, wedding parties, holidays and of course for personal use to simply play golf and have fun. Tin Cup will make it easier than ever for you to identify and personalize your golf ball for those shots that happen to miss the fairway!

(703) 876-6063


Visit www.Tin-Cup.com
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3The Putting Arc

The Putting Arc is not just a random circle on the ground, but instead it is a precise elliptical arc based on the 2200 year-old conic section math formulas of Apollonius of Perga (262 BC – 190 BC). The math of Apollonius has been combined with space age computer design and CNC manufacturing, and used to produce every single Putting Arc.

Over 2000 pro wins with all kinds of putters and every size of pro golfer are proof of the accuracy of this math. The first known pro win by a Putting Arc user was the 2002 Scandinavian Masters, and it was won by a Graeme McDowell, 2002 College Player of the Year and a future U.S. Open champion. Two recent wins by the #1 woman player in the world show that the Putting Arc still works today!

The Golf Range Association of America has conducted a poll of 250 of the top teaching professionals in the USA and for all six years of this poll the Putting Arc was identified as the most used putting training aid by these top teachers. Get your own Putting Arc, use it at home for a few minutes every day and quickly develop the on-plane, arc-type stroke of the modern touring pro.

HOLIDAY SPECIALS (good through 12-31-21) include the following:
• T3 or T4 plus Alignment Mat $49.95 plus S&H (save $15)
• MSIII plus new Ben Hogan Book or Arc Glider $59.95 plus S&H (save $8 to $20)
• MS-3D plus new Ben Hogan Book or Arc Glider $69.95 plus S&H (save $8 to $20)

Visit www.thePuttingArc.com
or call 800-898-0701 to order the HOLIDAY SPECIAL!

4Vegas Golf Game
New 26 Piece ALL IN Edition!

You will have a blast with you Golf Buddies when you break out the ALL IN “On The Course” game. This exciting game begins with golfers agreeing on a value of the 26 authentic poker chips. Golfers want the positives & want to avoid the negatives. New Grave Digger chip … takes you more than one shot to get out of the sand trap. Furthest from the pin on a par 3 … gets you the new beer chip, which puts you on the hook for a round when the beer cart comes by. See instructions section for definitions of all chips.

SPECIAL Buy 2 games and get the third for FREE

Visit www.VegasGolfGame.com
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5Limited Edition Cobra RADSPEED Volition Driver

Like all Cobra RADSPEED drivers, the limited-edition Volition model features Radial Weighting for the ultimate combination of ball speed and optimum spin rates. A CNC milled Infinity face expands the effective hitting area while a Thin-Ply carbon wrap crown saves weight for increased overall performance.
Through a partnership with Volition America, COBRA Golf is donating a portion of the proceeds of every Limited Edition RADSPEED Volition driver sold to support the families of our military heroes through the Folds of Honor Foundation.

Visit www.CobraGolf.com
Visit Volitionamerica.com


Meet SkyTrak – the accurate, affordable, professional-grade launch monitor and simulator, designed for avid golfers and high-handicaps alike, who want to keep the season going all year long. With a variety of Game Improvement and Simulation options, SkyTrak has something for every golfer, no matter their goals. From Skills Assessment and Wedge Matrix to play on thousands of championship courses, SkyTrak is more than a launch monitor and more than a simulator…it’s the best of both!

Visit SkyTrakGolf.com
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7SkyCaddie SX550, SX400 & LX5

The SkyCaddie SX550, SX400, LX5 come preloaded with over 35,000 best-in-class courses. Features such as IntelliGreen and HoleVue are presented in high definition with stunning imagery and a responsive, easy-to-use interface to deliver the best graphics. Use Wi-Fi connectivity to get the latest app and course updates without connecting to a computer. Save $50 during the holidays to get all the details and distances you need to play your best golf.

Visit SkyGolf.com
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8Vixa V12 Fairway Metal

The Vixa V12 is a low-profile fairway metal that’s a rocket off the turf and long like your driver. Its unique design makes it so easy to get airborne from off the deck. You will love watching the ball explode off the clubface. It’s never been easier to hit it high and long from the fairway, and to carry hazards and hit more greens in regulation too. Legal for tournament play.

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The Distance and Comfort Golf Shoe

Give the gift of distance this holiday season with SQAIRZ, The Distance Golf Shoe. SQAIRZ is the only shoe in golf that is proven to increase your distance, stability, and accuracy with our patented SQAIRZ Toe. Named Golf Digest’s Best Golf Shoe of 2021, take advantage of our holiday promotions all month long and save big on any of our styles and colors for men & women. Click to shop now!

Visit www.Sqairz.com
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6 Swing Trainers in 1 Training Aid

Correct your swing flaws and see your scores drop.  Users report immediately dropping stokes. GOLFSTR+ (pronounced “Golf-Stir Plus”) is designed to help you correct EVERY SWING IN YOUR GAME.   Videos on our website show you the assembly and use for all 6 swing fixes.

• Practice with a straight leading arm swing for more consistent hits.
• Flat Wrist for straight Putting, clean Chips and correct Backswing.
• Limited lag to avoid fat Chips.
• Lag Trainer for more distance.
• One Size Fits All

Vist www.GOLFSTR.com
or call 905-464-8718

11Copper Tech Glove
Innovation Never Seen Before in a Golf Glove

If you’re a golfer, somewhere along the line those hands are going to start hurting. Fatigue, arthritis, basic muscle ache, whatever – thousands of holes over a lifetime will take their toll. The pain relief properties of Copper Tech’s copper-infused technology, combined with compression fit, help soothe joint, muscle, and arthritic pain enabling golfers to play comfortable all year long. Each glove is made with form flex technology designed with a compression fit so they are one size fits most, and the patented non-slip spider tacky technology allows golfers to grip the club with less tension while improving slip resistance and blood flow in the hands!


· Available in both left and right hand
· Premium Spider-Tacky Grip
· Compression Fit
· Copper-infused technology improves health and performance
· Non-slip, woven silicon pattern improves slip resistance
· Supports improved circulation and oxygenation of working muscles and joints
· Helps prevent strain and fatigue by keeping muscles and joints warm
· Wicks sweat away from the body to prevent chafing, rashes, and odor
· Provides support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain. Helps to reduce recovery time of muscles


· Brand: Copper Tech
· Hand: Available in both left and right hand
· Material: Silicon, Lycra, and Spandex
· Size: One Size Fits Most

Visit www.CopperTechGlove.com
or call 772-692-8020
Use Coupon Code GM20
To save 20 percent




12FootJoy StaSof® Glove

Experience the ultimate in Tour-proven performance with StaSof, providing optimum feel, unmatched grip, exceptional moisture management and long-lasting softness. StaSof has been preferred by more than 800 of the world’s best players for over 35 years.

Visit www.FootJoy.com



This holiday season, give the perfect gift for golfers of all ages! Voted #1 practice golf ball, almostGOLF allows you to play anytime, anywhere. The AG Practice Pack is perfect for improving your golf game while having fun with the whole family. Practice safely indoors and outdoors with our neighborhood safe balls. The AG Practice Pack features:
• Inflatable Target
• Detachable Flagstick
• 24 almostGOLF Balls
• Drawstring Storage Bag
Special holiday offer of $49.99 plus Free Shipping.

Visit www.almostGOLF.com

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