Breaking 100 is monumental! There are many types of shots that will contribute to scoring that first 99 (or better) score. The quickest way to get the job done is to focus your attention on PUTTING. Do the math! What if you had 2 putts (or less) on each hole? That’s a max of 36 for your 18 hole score. That leaves 63 shots over those 18 holes for the rest of your shots. That’s a lot!! So, let’s fix your putting.

There are two elements that you must pay attention to when you putt: direction and distance. Direction is certainly important. But you will attain your goal of breaking 100 faster if you commit to learning how to control the distance your ball travels. Learn to put proper PACE on the ball by becoming “speed focused”. To do that you’ll need to deliver your ball to the hole with a certain “arrival” speed. Think of your ball arriving at the hole with only 2 to 3 revolutions remaining before it comes to rest. That dying speed makes the ball more likely to fall DOWN into the hole. And if it doesn’t go in, it still guarantees an easy tap in for ALL your second putts.

Get the feel of appropriate PACE by rolling balls with your hand to holes of different lengths on a practice putting green. In the beginning you might have a ball roll too far or too short. This is how your computer (your brain!) calculates what works and is the start of establishing “feel”. Adjust your “umph” until the ball runs out of speed just beyond the hole ONLY by 2-3 ball revolutions. Notice that your hand is depending on the information being gathered by your eyes. Experiencing the energy needed for that pace translates exactly to the energy you’ll need when your putter is in your hand. Start with a 10 foot putt. Once you’re set up, turn your eyes to the hole and LEAVE them there. Feels scary but roll putts while looking at the hole! You’ll probably experience hitting too far. No worries. Keep looking and adjusting so you literally see the amount of roll you produce in real time. Then adjust until your ball stops within 2-3 revolutions of the hole. You could putt like this, looking at the hole. Alternatively, build a dedicated LONG “last look” at your target, 2-3 seconds, into your pre-shot routine before returning your eyes to the ball to make your stroke. That will create that needed communication between your eyes and the rest of you! You’ll be on your way to becoming a member of the double-digit club. Next goal: breaking 90. 😊