Q&A with Fiddler’s Elbow Golf Academy Leaders Mike Adams and George Deitz

Mike Adams George Deitz

Q. What makes Fiddler’s Elbow Golf Academy unique and why is it so popular?

Deitz: The answer is the magic mix of teaching talent, a great facility and state-of-the-art technology. But, frankly, it all starts with Hall of Fame instructor Mike Adams (ranked #3 nationally by Golf Digest), whose experience, reputation and commitment is unique and exceptional. Mike is an innovator who is constantly researching and evolving his approach to the golf swing. He gets his students immediate results. Mike is equally great and willing to teach the teachers so much so that many PGA instructors travel to work with Mike on their teaching techniques and our young instructors are learning at an accelerated rate.

Adams: I feel fortunate to work with talented colleagues like Gia Liwski, an LPGA Top 50 Instructor and a Golf Digest NJ Top 5 instructor and stars on the rise such as Head Pro Ryan Buckley and Jeremy Eccles, as well as young up and comers Danny Harcourt, Chris Harkness, Brad Pinto, Jacob Smith, and Daniel Miessner.

Q. It’s every pros commitment to grow the game and to help players to improve. How many golfers do you touch at the Fiddler’s Academy?

Adams: We provide lessons to well over 800,000 players annually, from beginners to tour players. And they come from all over the world.

Danny Harcourt, Assistant Pro

Q. You mentioned technology plays a big role in distinguishing teaching academies. How so?  

Deitz: We are second to none when it comes to tech. Our students get the best of both worlds, namely, exceptional instruction and immediate data and feedback. We offer the Swing Catalyst video system, Swing Cat Force Plates, Smart 2 Move Force Plates, 4 Trackmen, Foresight Quad for ball tracking, Sam Putt Lab, and the Swing Groover designed by David Adell and Mike Adams, just to name a few.

Q. Fiddler’s is known to be a beautiful club. What do the practice facilities look like?

Deitz: Our academy building has three fully equipped indoor bays that are utilized year-round. Our award-winning double-sided range is roughly 330 yards long and 130 yards wide with a very large grass and matted hitting area. We have fairway bunkers, greenside bunkers, two putting greens and a large short game area.

LPGA Top 50 Instructor Gia Liwski

Q. You mentioned awards?

Deitz: We are fortunate to win a lot of awards including GRAA Top 50 Range in U.S., and most recently being named a Golf Digest Editor’s Choice for Best in Golf Academies and Instruction, as well as Top 4 Facility in the Northeast by Golf Digest. The best award is the feedback from the touring pros, club pros, and amateur ladies and gentlemen that frequent our academy and instructors. It helps to also have Mike and Gia Liwski on board. Gia is a disciple of Mike who specializes in ladies’ programs and experiences. She is also top ranked and received a Top 40 under 40 recognition from Golf Digest.

Q. Anything else we should know?

Adams: It’s a great team here led by George who has an ability to find young teaching talent and a philosophy to stay out of their way. He is there to guide as needed and provides them the tools and support they need. The door to my hitting bay is always open!

Deitz: We attract the best of the best because they know they will learn from the best and jumpstart their careers.

George Deitz is Director of Golf and Mike Adams is Director of Instruction at Fiddler’s Elbow in Bedminster, New Jersey. They can be reached at 908-439-2123.