I’ve seen you on the range. You’re having issues with solid ball contact and therefore, ball flight. You TOP it. You hit it FAT. Your ball goes sideways. After the frustration has subsided, you are faced with figuring out WHY. Sure, you might consider modifying your backswing or your follow through, working on balance etc. But if you want to stop the inconsistency immediately… if you want to identify WHY each of those mishits happens, you MUST examine the moment of truth…when the ball gets its program. IMPACT!! Your IMPACT ALIGNMENTS need attention. Could the answer to WHY be a “y.”? Yes!

If you picked your 4 favorite Tour players and compared their position and alignments at the top of their backswings, you would probably see 4 different pictures. Comparing their finish positions might confuse you still because of the variations. How do you know which one is right for you? Instead, compare the pictures of their impact with the ball and the alignments of their hands, arms and shoulders. You need to look like that, too! You’re missing the “y” (lower case) that’s seen as a line drawn from your lead shoulder down to the clubhead and another line drawn from your trail arm to the club handle. At the moment of impact, that relationship and picture MUST be your new mission. Notice the drawn “y” in the pictures! From the top of your left shoulder down to the club head is ONE line, with your right arm completing the picture of a lower case “y.”

It’s important for you to feel this arm and club structure. You can use a stationary piece of wood on the ground like the hitting station dividers seen on our range. A corner of a post or chair works well, also. From a regular golf stance, press your club edge against it as if you were trying to move it forward. There’s your “y” and the feeling of IMPACT. This is your missing structure. Since it’s mandatory to have this alignment at impact, do yourself a favor and set yourself up AT ADDRESS with them. Match the set up pictures above and you increase your ability to have those magic alignments at impact.

Be wise…Bring your “y”s to your moment of impact!