Fundamentals of Putting


There are multiple ways to move the putter to create a stroke. I like to get my golfers to create a stroke that is as simple as possible. Of all the motions in golf, full swing, pitching, chipping, bunker shots etc. the putting stroke should be the most simple motion from a mechanical basis. Like every aspect of golf, you can find great golfers that have their way swinging a golf club. So this piece and the video are a preference of mine and I have had a lot of success with folks having them use this as the engine of their stroke.

  •      – You can use your wrists to flick the putter back and through.
  •       -Your arms can move the putter back and through.
  •      -You can rotate the middle third of your body to create a motion.

In my opinion, the above options are choices to move the putter however each of them will introduce a lot of variety from one putt to the next. Moving your hands/wrists, or arms independent of your body will be quite different from one swing to the next because your hands, wrist and arms are very versatile. Versatility in some parts of life is great, “It’s the Spice of Life”   However, versatility is also the opposite of consistent.

In my opinion and based on the success that I have had the shoulder blades are the optimal way to move the putter both back and through. Watch the video and try it out yourself. If you give it a little practice, I think you will both simplify the stroke and improve your putting stroke.