Understanding the Lie and Adjusting Technique

When faced with a 40-yard pitch shot from the rough, Hannah emphasizes the importance of understanding the lie and adjusting your technique accordingly. She mentions that when there is grass behind the ball, it won’t spin as much. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan for the ball to roll out a little more upon landing on the green. Here’s a breakdown of Hannah’s technique adjustments for her stock shot from the rough:
1. Neutral Setup: Keep your stance and club shaft neutral.
2. Ball Position: Stand slightly closer to the ball than you would with a fairway shot.
3. Weight Distribution: Shift approximately 50% of your weight onto your front side.
4. Swing: Execute a smooth, neutral swing.

Assessing the lie and adjusting your technique is key to executing great chip and pitch shots.

Forced Carry Situations

In situations where a forced carry is required, such as when there’s a water hazard between you and the green, Hannah provides guidance on adjusting your technique for a higher shot that stops closer to the pin. Here’s how to approach these shots:
1. Club Selection: Use your most lofted club to ensure maximum height.
2. Ball Position: Move the ball slightly forward in your stance.
3. Setup Adjustments: Stand a little further away from the ball, and lower the grip of the club to create a swallower angle of attack. Open the clubface slightly to add more loft.
4. Swing: Take a slightly steeper swing to generate spin and launch the ball higher.

Remember, the objective is to carry the ball well over the hazard and onto the green, accepting that it may not stop as quickly as you hope. By focusing on hitting the ball higher and farther, you reduce the risk of hitting a short shot and landing in trouble.

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