Swing Jacket, An Easier Way to Better Golf

Swing Jacket

Can Latest Technology Groove Your Perfect Swing?

Golf is a difficult game. We all seek that unbridled joy of consistently hitting the ball long and straight. Golfers rarely experience the elusive feel of a fluid swing, let alone implant it in their muscle memory. At a recent media event, I tried an innovative product called the Swing Jacket. I was very impressed because it’s the only product I’ve ever tried that physically guided me through a connected, on-plane swing, much like those you see on Tour. It was literally teaching my body what a fundamentally correct swing should feel like while I was hitting balls. For me, it was an AH HA moment.

Swing Jacket Swing Sequence

All I Wanted Was to Feel the Correct Motion
Efforts to improve my swing in the past often took a lot of time and led to frustration when I couldn’t seem to get it. With no assurance the time was going to be well spent it discouraged me from putting in the work. All too often I’d try to fix one thing and something else would go awry. Frustrating. As I stood on the range hitting balls with the Swing Jacket, it occurred to me that all I ever really wanted was to feel the correct motion. It was an enlightening experience because I didn’t have to focus on improving any specific part of my swing. Free of swing thoughts, I was hitting balls wearing this contraption and I could instantly tell that my swing was different, easier to repeat consistently with much better ball flight.

Golf Equipment Critics Are Impressed
Praise for the Swing Jacket is everywhere. Golf Magazine equipment editors awarded Swing Jacket Four Stars, saying “The jacket is particularly good for golfers who come over the top. It’s worth trying.”

The magazine quoted Scott McCarron stating, “The Swing Jacket taught me how to swing the club down properly from the top with my body I am swinging on a better plane now am definitely hitting the ball much straighter.” Equipment guru Rick Young found, “The Swing Jacket flat out works and users will see a massive benefit. It was a godsend for me. The key is the level of consistency it can ingrain into your swing.”

Jason Kaller, (Phoenix, AZ) boasted, “When I put on the Swing Jacket and finally started to feel what a golf swing is supposed to do, I went from the high 90s to shooting in the 80’s and my last round was a 79. The Swing Jacket made it so easy to completely turn my game around.”

Teachers Like the Way it Communicates Feel
Top rated instructor Dan Pasquariello, of the Pebble Beach Golf Academy wrote “You folks have created the best learning device I’ve ever encountered, since it allows the student to feel the correct motion and gives them immediate feedback. In this case, the feel is real.”

To learn more about how the Swing Jacket could help your game, visit Swingjacket.com or call 877-219-6124. Special Offer for Golfing Magazine Use coupon code “GMSale” to save $40 plus receive bonuses and free shipping in USA.