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High Heat 257+ Driver

Named “Best” 2018 New Technology At 2018 PGA Merchandise Show

High Heat 257+ with its new 3-Trampoline Technology is “unique as its CT in the toe and heel is greater than the center of the face permitted by a new USGA Rule. This is ‘the great equalizer’ as it substantially reduces the distance amateurs lose on their toe and heel hits for complete forgiveness across the face . . . Heel, toe and center hits all travel consistent distance and straight.”
-Editor, Golfing Magazine.

“With its dazzling novel trampoline technology permitted by the new USGA CT Rule the ball comes off so hot no matter where you hit it on the face.”
-Gary Van Sickle, President of Golf Writers Association of America

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2Tour Edge Exotics EXS Metalwoods

Looking for an ultra-premium golf club for Dad that’s loaded with all the tech and innovation you know he wants, but without breaking your Holiday budget? Tour Edge has your answer with their new Exotics EXS driver, fairway metals and hybrids. The entire Exotics EXS line of metalwoods feature a ton of game-enhancing innovations that has led the clubs to already be in play and collecting Top 10 finishes on the PGA Tour Champions.

The loaded-with-technology driver features a Flight Tuning System (FTS) that includes interchangeable weights, an adjustable hosel that allows for plus two or minus two degrees in loft, RollFace Technology for an expanded sweet spot and Dual Carbon Fiber placement for ideal weight distribution.

The new ultra-premium, high-performance clubs are in stores now with the EXS driver selling for an amazing $299, the EXS fairway metals for $229 and the EXS hybrid for $199. Visit shop.touredge.com or search for a local retailer here.

3The Golf Club 2019

The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA TOUR marks the PGA’s first foray into video games since 2015. Backed by renowned video game publisher, 2K, The Golf Club 2019 brings the majesty of the sport to modern video game consoles, setting a new franchise benchmark for authenticity and realism through improved gameplay and visuals. The perfect gift for golfers in the off-season.

Available for $49.99 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Buy it now: Visit Web Site


4Snell Golf MTB Black and MTB Red Models

In 2018 Snell Golf has continued to grow as the leader in direct-to-consumer golf balls. Dean Snell, co-inventor of the Titleist Pro-V1 and long time golf ball guru at Taylormade continues to bring his best with the MTB Black and MTB Red models. The MTB Black is the flagship model with a 3 piece, cast urethane design that rivals performance of the large brands, but at a fraction of the cost.

For FREE shipping throughout the season and holiday pricing of just $26.99/dz for premium urethane golf balls, shop www.SnellGolf.com

5The Tin Cup Marker

The Tin Cup Marker enables you to “Make Your Mark” with a personalized ball marker using the logo or design of your choice. There are over 140 existing designs available or you may request your own personal custom design.
The Tin Cup is an ideal gift for tournaments, corporate outings, birthdays, wedding parties, holidays and of course for personal use to simply play golf and have fun. Tin Cup will make it easier than ever for you to identify and personalize your golf ball for those shots that happen to miss the fairway!
(703) 876-6063
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6SkyCaddie® SX500

The SkyCaddie® SX500 GPS handheld is powerful, reliable, ruggedized, packed with stroke-saving technology and delivered with the largest and most visually stunning display among distance measuring devices in golf. With its 5-inch, full HD touch screen, it is the most powerful way to measure yardage while providing the very “best view” in golf. It’s preloaded with over 35,000 best-in-class courses and features Wi-Fi connectivity to streamline application updates without connecting to a computer.

MSRP: $399.95 www.skygolf.com

7SkyCaddie® LINX GT

The SkyCaddie® LINX GT comes packed with best-in-class preloaded courses and powerful features to save strokes and improve your game. Get distances you can trust to every part of the green AND every hazard on the course. Use the SkyCaddie® Mobile synchronized companion app to get vivid HD views of the entire hole when you need more information. The SkyCaddie LINX GT is SmartTag Ready, making it the best, easiest-to-use game tracker on the market!

MSRP: $149.95 www.skygolf.com

8Indi Golf StingRayTT

Indi Golf StingRayTT wedges feature grooves running along the entire length of the face, optimizing launch, improving control, and increasing spin by 20% on a full swing measured using Foresight GCQuad. A proprietary ScoopBack design creates maximum forgiveness by moving mass higher in the face, and toward the toe.  This creates optimal spin, control and forgiveness. Available in right and left hand versions, the StingRayTT conforms with the Rules of Golf.

MSRP: $159.99 www.IndiGolfClubs.com

9GX-7 X-Metal Driver

Maximize your average distance and gain accuracy with the GX-7 X-metal Driver.
Just swing it like a 7-iron and smoke it like a driver to get consistent driving distance. 17-Handicapper Dick Rowley said, “With the GX-7 my very first swing I was hitting it farther than I was hitting my driver. “

Boost your accuracy, hit more fairways, turn even your worst miss-hits into decent shots with the GX-7!

Order online at www.GX7Holiday.com

10C3i Wedge

Independently proven by MyGolfSpy.com to be the best wedge on the market for mid-to-high handicap golfers, the C3i easily cuts through any lie in the sand or the rough without digging, and you’ll practically eliminate fat shots. And you can do it all without ever having to open up the blade.

Using the technologically advanced C3i, you’ll be able to set up on every shot square and swing. It’s really that easy.

Order online at www.C3iHoliday.com

11SuperSonic x10

Say goodbye to weak drives and hello to explosive distance using the instant and measurable feedback of the SuperSonic x10. With just 20 swings a day, you’ll increase your clubhead speed and add 10, 20, 30 or even 40 plus yards to all your drives.

Don’t slow down your swing and keep hitting the ball shorter and shorter every year. Go faster and hit the ball longer with the incredible SuperSonic x10!

Order online at www.SuperSonicHoliday.com

12iRT-5 Hybrid

If you struggle to get the ball in the air with your hybrids, then you need the iRT-5 Hybrid. The iRT-5 Hybrid has a revolutionary club head that self-corrects for straighter, high-flying shots.

No twisting. Just a squarer clubface at impact, and straighter (not to mention longer) shots as a result. 100% of our test golfers loved it and wanted to swap their current hybrids out for the iRT-5.

Order online at www.iRT5Holiday.com


13MW8 Moon Wood

Do you lack accuracy and consistency with your long irons, hybrids, or fairway woods? Then you need to try the MW8 Moon Wood.

Its SuperGlyde Sole makes it so easy to launch shots high into the air, carry trouble, and land softly on the green. Give it a try and you’ll see why 10-handicapper Marv Stammen said, “I’ve never hit a club that’s as accurate as this club was.”

Order online at www.MoonWoodHoliday.com


14A14 Autopilot Driver

Want longer, truer drives? Then try the all-new A14 Autopilot Driver. The brand-new Autopilot Driver will help you keep the clubface square through the impact zone longer thanks to its Zero Rotation clubhead technology. And, because the steel face on the A14 is thinner, it’s not only hotter, but it’s also more forgiving than traditional drivers.

And the results speak for themselves, “With the Autopilot, I was hitting the ball 20 to 30 yards further. Miss hits, good hits, it didn’t matter. Still getting that much more distance.” – Jim Anderson, 15-HDCP

Order online at www.AutoPilotHoliday.com

15FP4 Forward Press Wedge

With the brand-new FP4 Forward Press Wedge, all you have to do is Press, Lock, and Turn to hit controlled, soft landing pitches that set you up for simple putts – it’s that simple.

The Forgiveness Flighted Sole on the Forward Press Wedge promotes ball first contact for superior distance control, trajectory, and backspin. Flight the ball the right trajectory, control your distance, and add shot-saving spin exactly when you need it the most.

Order online at www.ForwardPressHoliday.com


16The Square Strike Wedge

Finally, chipping the ball close is as easy as it looks. With the Square Strike Wedge, just use your normal, straight-back-and-through putting stroke to banish fat and thin chips from your game… and your scorecard.

The Square Strike Wedge features 45° loft with the comfortable length and lie of a putter. Add the Anti-Chunk Sole and Square Path Graphics, and it’s no wonder 18-handicapper Rick Dake said, “It totally blows my mind how easy it is to use.”



17Acu-Strike Swing Path Mat


Patented new golf mat comes in two styles, the outdoor model is shown here. When your club strikes the mat you will instantly see your swing path so you can correct it on the very next swing. NO GUESSING! A real-time training product, perfect for evening or off-season practice. The mat employs a special fiber fabric that leaves a dark mark where your club head strikes the mat. An incredibly effective trainer!

Visit Web Site


18Vegas Golf The Game New 24 Piece ALL IN Edition

You will have a blast with you Golf Buddies when you break out the ALL IN “On The Course” game. This exciting game begins with golfers agreeing on a value for each of the 24 authentic poker chips. Golfers want the positives & avoid the negatives.
New Grave Digger chip … takes you more than one shot to get out of a sand trap.
Furthest from the pin on a Par 3 … gets you the new Beer chip, which puts you on the hook for a round when the beer cart comes by. See instruction section for definitions of all the chips.


2 FREE BONUS CHIPS when ordering on Vegas Golf.
U SUCK CHIP & Hole In One Chip Now Included ! 26 CHIPS




19Vegas Golf The Game, NEW! U SUCK Cartoon Golfer

Perfect for perhaps one or all your golf buddies!
Funny shirt that is bound to get a lot of laughs.
Get a lot of laughs with this fun shirt!


Gildan 4.5 ounce! 100% preshrunk cotton



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