Tour Edge Announces High-Tech Exotics 723 Metals Designed to Fit Every Possible Swing Type


Contributor’s Note: Tour Edge Golf is at it again in with a new and updated Exotics line in 2023. Known as the Exotics 723 the Batavia, Illinois golf equipment manufacturer continues to build on their recent successes since the creation of 2019’s Exotics EXS line-up from 2019.

Known to golf industry insiders and influencers alike, Tour Edge, the pound for pound industry leader in performance and innovation, are unveiling their new Exotics 723 Series of metals.

Similar to the previous Exotics product range (2022’s 722 Series) the Exotics 723 launch features two separate drivers, fairway and hybrid designs with two specific characteristics in mind. These products are designated as either the Extreme (E) and Competition (C) spec respectively.

The new Exotics E723 metals are built for maximum forgiveness and accuracy (“The Accurate”), while the new C723 designs are all about harnessing power and dialing in low spinning distance (“The Powerful”).

A smaller footprint and lower-spinning the Exotics C723 driver is geared towards the better player.

Following the path of the previous Exotics, the tour-winning 722 Series, the Exotics 723 launch features two separate drivers, fairway and hybrid designs designated as Extreme (E) and Competition (C) spec.

The new E723 metals are MOI+ designs built for maximum forgiveness, while the new C723 designs are all about harnessing power and dialing in low-spinning distance.

The Exotics 723 E and C drivers feature all-new design and technology called the “Flight Tuning System” or “F.T.S”.

F.T.S. was developed to provide Tour Edge’s largest fitting matrix ever produced allowing golfers and fitters to achieve optimal launch and performance characteristics. In doing so Tour Edge R&D was able to meet and reach one of their chief deign goals. To provide golf consumers one of the most adjustable drivers currently available in the marketplace

Geared towards the more discerning player the C723 Driver’s Flight Tuning System technology and all its available weight options total 4,860 different fitting configurations for the clubhead. In the hands of a knowledgeable and trusted fitter the possibilities are near-endless to find the perfect conditions.

With plenty of weight positioned low and deep in the head, launch will not be an issue with the new Exotics E723 fairway woods from Tour Edge.

Contributing to the optimization for each golfer, the ability to swap different weights both on the back sliding track, which is new to the 723 Series, and by having both front and back weights that are interchangeable.

“Every swing, every player type, every inch of performance you’ll need on the golf course is developed into our high technology Exotics 723 series.” “The Competition Spec player wants more adjustability with hotter and lower spinning flights, while the Extreme Spec player wants max MOI. for increased accuracy, ease of launch and overall playability. We have both sides covered and every swing in between with the 723 metals.”

Tour Edge founder and President David Glod

The new ultra-premium, high-performance Exotics 723 Series metals will be available worldwide on March 1, 2023. Pre-Sale starts February 8th and will go through February 28th.

To learn more about the new Exotics 723 drivers please click here.

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